Future Security Plan (FSP)

Life is uncertain with many misfortunes, uncertainties and challenges and we all need to take care to protect our Families. But some unforeseen events could put you out of action such as death or disability will severely affect your Family especially if you have young Children. Where will they get financial support? Who will take care of them?

Now, Bahrain National Life's Future Security Plan provides not only a guaranteed sum assured to protect your Family, but also gives you a good return on your savings over the long term. It provides coverage on your life as well as guaranteed investment returns to help finance retirement, small business projects, new car, etc.

Other Features:
  • Open-ended Term which guarantees the higher of the sum assured or the accumulated value at the time of Claim.
  • Critical Illness Benefit covering cancer, heart attack, stroke and many other listed conditions.
  • Medical Expenses Benefit and hospital daily cash benefit.
  • Premium Waiver Benefit in the event of disability affecting the premium Payer (other than the Life Assured).
  • A loan against the accumulated Policy value is available after the first 2 years premiums have been paid.
  • Premium flexibility: Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, half annually, annually or as a single one off payment. Alternatively, if you prefer, a premium frequency allowing 10 equal payments per year can be made so that the Plan allows for 2 installment premium break timed with the announcement of Ramadan.
  • Premium Holiday after 2 years of continuous premium payments has been made.

Optional Other Features:
  • Permanent Total Disability.
  • Permanent Partial Disability.
  • Accidental Death Benefits.