Complete Medical Insurance Services in Bahrain

Group Healthcare Insurance

1. I am a new Member to the Scheme but before joining I suffered from Peptic Ulcer. Will the treatment for this condition be covered?

Unless stated in the Schedule of Benefits, medical expenses related to any pre-existing condition are not covered under the Scheme.

2. Can I claim for pregnancy expenses?

Yes, if applicable under the Policy and stated in the Schedule of Benefits. Expenses incurred in connection with the pregnancy are covered subject to a sub-limit and a waiting period. (Please refer to sub-limit, Conditions and Exclusions of the Policy).

3. Supposing a Bahrain medical authority refers me to a clinic/hospital abroad if treatment is not available locally, will the air passage and hotel bill be paid for?

Generally Healthcare Insurance does cater only for the expenses incurred for treating your ailments/sufferings. Administration expenses like travel and hotel bill is outside the scope of your cover.

4. Is treatment for narcotic or alcohol addiction covered?

Unfortunately not. Drug and narcotic abuse and treatment for alcoholic addiction are not covered by the Policy.

5. I need a pair of spectacles. Can I claim for this under the Healthcare Insurance Scheme?

Unless stated in the Schedule of Benefits, this Insurance will not provide optical cover. The coverage is only applicable if injury is caused to your eyes due to an accident.

6. How quickly must I submit Claims to the insurance company?

Claims must be submitted within a maximum period of 30 days.

7. How long does it take to settle a Claim?

Provided the original Claim Form is fully completed and signed by the treating Doctor and the Patient along with all required original invoices and receipts, the Claim will be paid within 14 working days. Please refer to Healthcare Claims Section to find the documents needed to make a Claim on reimbursement basis.

8. Is treatment at all hospitals covered?

No, the Policy does not cover treatment at places that are not licensed as hospitals, such as spas, hydroclinics, sanatorium or long term care facilities. Please refer to your Insurance Co-ordinator for the approved hospitals.

9. Is dental treatment covered?

Unless stated in the Schedule of Benefits, dental treatment will only be covered due to an accident.

10. Are Children covered when they are at school or college abroad?

No, the Scheme only applies to those Children who are resident with you in Bahrain.

11. If I am on a business trip abroad, and an accident occurs requiring an air ambulance and travelling Doctor in attendance to a hospital in a different country, is this an insured expense?

Yes. Please refer to your Schedule of Benefits.

12. How much do I have to pay towards the costs of treatment?

You will bear an excess and/or a deductible towards the costs of treatment. Please refer to your Schedule of Benefits.

13. Am I covered fully outside of Bahrain?

You are covered up to the Maximum Annual Limit as stated in the Schedule of Benefits. However, treatment outside of the Kingdom of Bahrain is reimbursed as per reasonable and customary charges applicable in Bahrain or the actual cost whichever is lower (this benefit can be tailored according to your Company’s choice if you are insured under your Company’s Group Healthcare Plan).

14. Is continuous cover available should I leave, resign or retire from my existing company that I am currently working for?

The Cover ceases automatically once the Member leaves the employment of the Company including his/her Dependents.

15. Does your Company cover IVF treatment?

Test or treatments relating to infertility, contraception or sterilization are excluded under our Policy.

16. Do you cover the cost of appliances?

Prosthesis, corrective devices and medical appliances, artificial limbs, medical aids including but not limited to zimmer frames, walking sticks, crutches are all excluded. However, prostheses artificial body parts designed to form permanent parts of a person’s body if required surgically and or as a result of accident are covered.

17. Is pre-authorisation of treatment necessary?

Pre-authorisation is required for the following:-

  • All non-emergency day care and in-patient procedures. Emergency conditions do not require pre-approval, but shall be notified to us within 24-48 hours from the admission date.
  • Out-patient treatments exceeding BD75, any CT scans, MRI or physiotherapy sessions.

18. How do I add my newborn Child to the Scheme?

Addition of Members:
For any Group Healthcare Scheme the Company may include new Members in the Healthcare Scheme by formally advising bnl in writing. Enrolment of new Members is restricted to:

  • New Employees (bnl must be notified within 7 days of joining).
  • New Spouses.
  • New born Children.

Along with the additional request, the Company shall submit to bnl the following documents:

  • New Employee – an official document such as work contract and copy of CPR as proof of newly employed Member.
  • New Spouse – an official document such as a copy of Marriage Registration Certificate as proof of newly married Spouse.
  • New born Child – an official document such as a copy of Birth Certificate or CPR as proof of newly born Child.
  • Health Declaration Proposal Form) by answering all questions in their Individual Enrolment Forms.

19. How does a deductible work?

Excess is the proportion or specified amount of each eligible medical Claim amount borne by the Member before benefits are payable, as mentioned in the Schedule of Benefits. If the eligible medical expenses are less than the excess amount, then the Insured Member will be liable to pay all the expenses incurred. The excess amount is stated in the Policy Schedule, Schedule of Benefits and Membership Card.

20. Do I have to pay a deductible for pathology, radiology, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) and diagnostic tests?

There is no specific deductible for the above mentioned procedures except for the deductible which is mentioned in the Schedule of Benefits which is applied to each and every out-patient visit which is applied to consultations only.

21. Am I covered for pre-existing and chronic conditions?

Pre-existing and chronic conditions are covered in full unless otherwise specifically excluded in the Schedule of Benefits.

22. Are allergies covered?

Allergy as a medical condition is covered under our Policy, however any cosmetic treatment of the skin is excluded.